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Soul Music 2 Wizards

Pratchett’s Wizards, The role of the Wizards in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld book series, as exemplified in the novel Soul Music. By Liz Eph I confess to having a love-hate relationship with the wizards in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld in general . But because it feels like they get everywhere, although it's really only 13 of the 41 book opus. That’s still more than a quarter (one in 4’s not bad) so I decided to think about why and have chosen Soul Music as a sample. I examined what triggered my personal irritation then what purpose I see could be served for readership, writer and plot... ... please follow the link in the title to read the rest of this entry. Blogger won't accept the footnotes when I copy and paste from where I wrote in Google Docs. *sigh* Thanks. Liz x    Up next Susan’s inheritance, a Double Edged Sword … er, Scythe. Some thoughts on the character Susan Sto Helit in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novel “Soul Music”   By Liz Eph

Soul Music 1 Personal Overture

1 : Soul Music, Overture, Personal Reactions Of all the Discworld books that I have read and loved, Soul Music didn’t used to be one of them. I think some tired caricatures etc meant my brain glossed over the whole and the parts. I'm not alone in a tendency to gloss read the first time through. Peter Ingham said in The Times 6 November 1999 "Reading a new Discworld novel is like trying to eat a doughnut without licking your lips, but the strength of Pratchett's writing is that the books can happily stand repeated readings. A second, more leisurely scrutiny reveals the subtler pleasures of his prose." I feel that one can’t really compare the DEATH books. They work on different levels. For me Mort is the most accessible, the most straightforward, and probably leaves the best memories from initial contact. Reaper Man represents an experimentation with a much more complex formula. Strands of hilarity, represented by the Wizards are woven in with the deeper strands of DE

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